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Common design of a Tesla generator

Are you looking for a Tesla generator design?
Tesla generators are divided into two basic types:
  1. AC generator
  2. Radiant energy generator
Better understand the classification: Generator Tesla

I believe you are looking for the Tesla AC generator design.
But, in truth, you won't be able to find Tesla's true blueprint for AC generators. There are 3 reasons:
  1. It has been removed from "Tesla Archives"
  2. Information about Tesla's AC generators has been misleading, at least in name.
  3. Tesla's AC generator design was the "most unique" and it was purchased by George Westinghouse.
Most of Nikola Tesla's patents were originally classified by the Gov't.

Common design of a Tesla generator:

Single-phase alternating current generator
Single-phase alternating current generator

3 phase alternator generator
3 phase alternator generator

The two pictures above, which are two diagrams of alternating current generator, basic form, by Tesla. It was in old textbooks, and some electrical engineering books.

In 1988, Westinghouse Corporation spent $ 60,000 to buy Tesla's invention for the AC system.

Did Westinghouse Group spend such a large sum of money on two simple designs above?

Is not! The above two diagrams are just basic. Westinghouse Corporation never spent 60,000 dollars to buy the above two BS blueprints.

What George Westinghouse bought from Tesla was an Electrical and Dynamics system in the Ether that led to eternal movement.

The country with this AC system, that country will become rich. Because, at least AC power will travel far, or at least AC power will create a lot of material wealth.

In recent decades, China has discovered Tesla's AC secret. In China, there are only a few large hydroelectric plants, but it can power more than 1 billion people. Think: how can some water power power more than 1 billion people? Even 100,000 waterfalls are not enough to power 1 billion people. Moreover, China is still selling electricity to neighboring countries. Strange!?

Tesla generator - "Real" blueprint

Execute query: Tesla Generator Bueprints

You will find a few designs that are different from textbooks and electrical engineering books:

Nikola Tesla's Alternating Current Generator Patent 1891
Nikola Tesla's Alternating Current Generator Patent 1891

Tesla Alternating Current 3 Patent Art 1888
Tesla Alternating Current 3 Patent Art 1888
Those are just discrete designs that Westinghouse Group used, with the help of Tesla. In fact, there are many other blueprints to make the AC system work. According to my investigation, George Westinghouse purchased 40 Tesla patents to set up the AC system.

"Real" Tesla Generator Bueprints:

An article from 1888 detailing Nikola Tesla's alternative electric and induction motors, providing diagrams and descriptions of the engine and materials used.

Please note - the articles do not provide for clear distinction between both motors, even though he describes the difference between the wiring and setup of both. This is extremely confusing at first, you will need to spend significant time trying to understand how both motors work. This completely different than today's alternating motors and you need to completely retrain yourself for this. But after a while, things will begin to make sense, and as Tesla states, "You do not need any electrical experience to build such a machine.

To run perpetually, Tesla does state that you do need an external source of power in order to get it to start, and until reach its normal speed. Once it is running at normal speed the outside source of power can be cut. And going forward you got yourself free energy. In one of my other videos I show a diagram of how Tesla started his two motors by connecting it to the earth!

The build of this motor is of all of soft iron and copper wire. If you follow this article step by step, there is no other clearer document needed to design this motor.

Tesla states in other news articles that the construction need not be perfect in order for it to work. The motor will find its own natural balance. So basically, what he is stating is you do not need his patents to build this. This article quite clearly explains step by step how to do this. Just do not deviate from his plan. Meaning stick to using soft iron and copper.

Additionally, the videos online that purport to creating such a free energy device with only one motor and not a Exciter Motor + Alternating Generator Motor are fakes. Also, if they show the two motors running each other with a fan belt that is fake too! Tesla diagrams show the two motors running perpetually by the way of being wired together, and not by a belt.

BitTorrent: Tesla Archives - Derek Worthington
1 Gig (over 3,000 pages) of PDF News Articles

Researching and rediscovering what was lost by the Tesla team, also created a Tesla-like AC power system:

Revealed At Last: Ancient Invention Generates Energy-On-Demand

Generates Energy-On-Demand: Easy Power Plan Will Change Our World Forever

Tesla Generator - Easy Power Plan Will Change Our World Forever:

"Easy Power Plan" consists of 3 engines and a flywheel, not fake! In essence, it is Tesla's invention.


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